How to highlight the key points of a presentation

Published on: 2023-02-13

Highlighting key points in your presentation is important in helping your audience understand and remember your message. Here are some tips to help you highlight key points:

  1. Use semantic emphasis: Make text a title to draw attention to important information and make it stand out.
  2. Create new slides: Create new slides to highlight key points and make them visually appealing. Consider using a different color for each slide to make them easy to distinguish.
  3. Use images: Use images, such as charts and graphs, to illustrate key points and make them easier to understand.
  4. Use headings and subheadings: Use headings and subheadings to break up your text and make it easier for your audience to follow your message.
  5. Emphasize important words: Emphasize important words or phrases by making them larger, or bold, or using a different font.
  6. Repeat key points: Repeat key points throughout your presentation to reinforce their importance.
  7. Highlight key takeaways: At the end of your presentation, highlight the key takeaways to reinforce the main points of your message.


By following these tips, you can effectively highlight key points in your presentation and ensure that your audience understands and remembers your message.